What do you get with a Depfile premium account?

Depfile is a file hosting website which allows registered users to upload content for free, however there’s also the option of a Depfile premium account which removes all restrictions.

Anyone can make use of Depfile to some degree without spending any money. Free, unregistered users do not have the ability to upload and store files, only download them (up to 1 GB in 1 days). Registered users are allowed to upload, store and easily share files up to 1 GB in size, but after 2 GB worth of downloading they cannot download again until 48 hours has past. There’s also a 1 TB limit in place on storage space, as well as other restrictions. This means it’s great for personal short-term storage and for sharing files with friends, but perhaps too limited to use for people who may require a high volume download usage to share files with many people.

With a premium account, all restrictions are either removed, or expanded on the point where they are practically non-existent, making the service very useful for commercial use when it comes to hosting files which are regularly downloaded. It also makes it incredibly useful for sharing large files with friends.

This is what you get with a Depfile premium account

Maximum files size for uploads : 10 GB.

Maximum storage space: Unlimited.

Download Volume: Unlimited.

Remote upload capability.

Download accelerator support.

Resumable downloads.

No delay when downloading (free users are subject to a 45 second wait time, registered users wait 30 seconds).

No captcha image needs to be entered before downloading.

No advertisements.

Uploaded files are deleted 60 days after the last download rather than 30 days for registered users.

What types of individual can make use of a premium account?

A premium account is useful for both heavy downloaders and Uploaders who need to share a lot of files. There’s also the possibility of earning money as an Uploader for the number of times a file has been downloaded, so this might also be a source of income for some. Although, it’s worth noting that copywrite or pornographic content is prohibited by the terms and conditions.

As for use by a business to store files, the 60 day lasts download deletion may make it impractical to store files for the long-term (unless you remember to periodically download the file) but it’s very useful for businesses who need to share files that are too big for email or other files transfer methods. It’s also incredibly useful for businesses that need to share large files regularly with customers (such as a software update), but don’t have the capacity to do so with their own web host.

For personal use, it’s great for sharing files with family and friends. High quality video and sound files can easily be too large to share by other means. For example; if you were to film a concert using a good mic and a camera, the combined .wav files and video files could easily be in excess of the most online sharing and storage website’s limits. With a Depfile premium account, you would easily be able to share large files such as this between your circle of friends and family. In conclusion, it’s well worth getting a Depfile premium account if you already enjoy using the service and you want the extra capability.

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